What makes us different?

Representing Talentfoot’s next great leap forward, Indigo is the first executive search firm to offer access to vetted, highly qualified candidates through a members-only network of curated talent.

While the range of companies we work with is expansive (top brands, agencies, adtech & martech companies, Series B funded startups, and marketing-centric Fortune 50 companies to name a few) our client list is small. Similarly, our executive membership remains highly selective.

This is why we are not a typical executive search firm, and this is what makes Indigo distinct. The searches we take on stand out for their unique importance to the future of
business. For this reason, our methods stand out from the rest of the pack.

Our values

Indigo is the color of integrity and sincerity. These are qualities we seek not only in the hiring teams and executive members we work with, but in the members of our recruiters as well. We believe that by fully committing ourselves to wisdom, justice, and impartiality, we can cultivate an unprecedented network of talented professionals capable of leading the charge into a better tomorrow. This is what drives us.

The clients and executive members we work with share these values. Companies with access to our exclusive roster of the world’s top creators, disruptors, and change-makers find the key to their success in Indigo. Putting the right people into the right leadership
positions is our calling.

Our experience

Indigo recruiters are in the business of changing lives. Our extensive experience working with marketing, sales, and technology executives in elite positions speaks to how
embedded our recruiters are in the most consequential businesses and industries in the world.

We could tell you about the years of combined experience represented in our team, but the Indigo difference is most apparent in the unparalleled experience of our executive
membership. When you admire an address at Davos, a panel at SXSW or a visionary TED Talk delivered by a brilliant speaker, know that there is Indigo recruiter with access to this echelon of talent. This degree of access is what you gain with Indigo.

Our community

The Indigo community is vibrant and dynamic, and we work very hard to keep it that way. Through our rigorous application and referral process, we ensure that our members and clients gain access to a new standard in discretion, prestige, and performance when it comes to retained executive search. We work with professionals who are ready to drive not only your business but the entire industry forward, all the while keeping a watchful eye on your bottom line. This is the key to flourishing within the Indigo community.

With an unmatched depth of expertise and focus, combined with our carefully curated network of contacts and executive members, we are united by a simple goal: bringing the best of the best together.