Elite recruiting services for exceptional people.

Indigo executive members are the best of the best. They have a track record of driving significant impact in multiple roles. They possess the soft skills that put them a notch
above the rest. They communicate impeccably and inspire those around them with their vision, intellect, and curiosity. Our executive members are well-rounded individuals who
find time in their busy schedules to give back – to their community, to their industry, and to the world.

Do you have what it takes?

You are a proven and accomplished leader. You’ve enjoyed success in your field of choice, and you are ready to continue striving. As an ambitious person, you are looking to secure a dream opportunity, one that challenges you and speaks to your impressive ability.

Indigo is a members-only service that connects a competitive pool of C-Level executive members with a select number of forward-thinking, high-growth organizations. Only Indigo can offer its executive members prestigious access to these professionally, financially, and personally rewarding opportunities.

What it takes

The type of access that Indigo is able to grant its clients and executive members is founded on a rigorous commitment to keeping our numbers small and highly selective. A number of factors go into determining executive membership.

1 – Proven ability to drive business growth. Often, this growth is reflected in driving top or bottom-line growth into eight figures.

2 – An eye on the big picture. Our executive members are able to keep track of both the forest and the trees, paying attention to long-term goals and important details alike.

3 – A natural ability to inspire. Those working for you see you as their leader, not their boss. People are excited at the idea of being on your team.

4 – Demonstrated confidence. You already know what it takes to perform at the highest level, and you are ready to do so.

5 – Managerial aptitude. Executive members can guide their team while also managing up to CEOs, boards and other key stakeholders.

6 – Consistency, integrity, and dependability. When you promise something, you
deliver it.

Apply to be an Executive Member

If you see yourself reflected in Indigo’s mission, apply to join the ranks of our executive membership. You will be taking the first step toward an exceptional future.

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What Comes Next?

Once per week, our committee of experienced recruiters reviews new applications in order to assess the merits of potential executive members. The committee considers each applicant’s experience, demonstrated ambition, and cultural fit as qualifying factors. Because Indigo receives such a high number of applications, and because we strive to give each application the careful consideration it deserves, this process can last up to a month.

Thank you for applying to be an Indigo executive member.