Looking to access elite talent?

Indigo is setting a new standard. The first recruitment group of its kind, Indigo lifts our clients to new heights by granting them access to a competitive pool of executive members. Our members are established and rising stars in their respective fields, and our clients are prepared to offer them C-Level positions in dynamic, high-growth companies.

We recognize your path.

Your business has demonstrated promise. As your venture continues to grow, you find yourself in search of high performing C-Level marketing, sales, and technology leaders – people who can steward your business in a genuinely progressive manner. Your hiring decisions carry with them major implications about the future of your company.

Companies like yours are often unaware how attractive they are to the top tier of talent. By acting as your partner and advisor, Indigo unlocks this potential and grants your
company access to our exclusive circle of executive members.

We immerse ourselves in your business. We ask the questions that draw out your company’s objectives & fundamental drives, and offer solutions designed to elevate your operation.

Our classically trained associates identify your core values and employ sophisticated assessments and highly customized research to remove risk, eliminate costly attrition, and maximize the benefit of your most important hires.

The Indigo network is a group of hand-picked proven executives, ready to drive growth at your business. We are experts at sourcing Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Growth Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Information Officers

We know high growth companies.

Your company is faced with a unique set of challenges. As a high growth enterprise, you don’t have time to bring a recruiter up to speed, especially considering the speed with which your business is transforming. Rather, you need a team that can move at your pace.

Indigo focuses exclusively on high growth companies. Among others, we work with venture capital, private equity, high growth public businesses – businesses, in other
words, that need access to the best minds in the world.

Our familiarity with high-growth business models includes – SAAS, technology – allows us to pair your company with the level of talent it needs.

We believe less is more.

Typical recruiting firms spread themselves thin. In a field based on connection, they maximize the scale of their searches in the hopes that something will stick.

Indigo takes a different approach. Our less is more philosophy enables us to take a deep dive into your search, giving it the level of attention it requires. Typically, we only take on 5 to 10 searches per year.

Here’s why:

By working with only a handful of clients, we ensure that each client’s needs sync up with the unique expertise and set of values represented in the Indigo team. If we don’t
feel a natural chemistry between Indigo and the client, or if the client demonstrates a penchant for unrealistic expectations, we don’t take on the project. We never wedge a square peg into a round hole just for the sake of making a deal.

Instead, we prioritize the successful experiences of our clients and executive members over the scaling of our business. By being selective about who we work with, we
empower your search with mutual respect.

This is the heart of what makes Indigo the new standard in talent acquisition.

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