Valuable insight is priceless

Private Equity firms need to make smart decisions. When it comes to the gravity of making significant investments, your firm understands the pivotal role of hard data, sage counsel, and informed decision-making. Indigo’s team of advisors is the key to this competitive edge. Our elite advising program treats due diligence not as a mere obligation, but as the key to optimizing and protecting your firm’s capacity for growth.

Indigo has the right advisors

Our approach is different. Our members are carefully selected leaders in their respective industries and verticals, and therefore provide the level of functional expertise required for driving the best possible insight.

Indigo advisors know that due diligence is a sensitive and deeply important stage of the investment lifecycle. Ensuring the highest return goes hand in hand with access to the best market intelligence and valuation guidance.

Having the facts on your side emboldens your decision-making and provides you with leverage in negotiations. Our marketing, sales, and technology executives generate research you can trust so you can make decisions with a rare, exclusive level of confidence.

Typical questions addressed by Indigo advisors

How it works

Our elite team of executives is assembled through a rigorous application and screening process. Some approved members opt into an advisory pool, which your private equity firm can browse and from which you can make a selection based on confidential profiles.
Alternatively, Indigo provides a matchmaking service geared toward tailoring our services to your due diligence needs.

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